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Storage Tips

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How to Prepare Items For Storage

Packing Boxes

So you have decided that you are going to get a storage unit to put your goods into storage and free up space in your home. It is a good idea, especially, if you find yourself overwhelmed with things you no longer have the space for leaving the storage facility as the only option.

There is a lot to consider about storage. You wouldn’t want to find your stored belongings damaged when you visit sometime after you have brought them into storage. To prevent this, you should carefully prepare everything you are going to store. The following tips are aimed directly at that, in order to provide you with useful information on how to store certain items. There is a lot to keep in mind, depending on what you are going to put in your storage unit.

1. Boxes – you are going to need a good number of boxes for general storing of items. Buy good quality boxes, else you risk them falling apart, especially if you are going to leave your items in the storage facility for a good number of years. A good idea is to focus on boxes that are of the same size. That way it will be easier to arrange them in the storage unit. This is essential as you want to have as much space as possible and also not have a hard time arranging the storage unit. Make sure you label your boxes so you know what is inside. Label on more than one side, or pay attention to how you arrange them to make sure you can read their contents.

Packing Boxes

 2. Furniture – if you are going to store furniture, you will need to be creative, as some pieces can be really bulky. The way to go around this usually involves disassembling parts of the furniture, for example legs and handles, and keeping those separate from the main piece. That way you can ease the storage and transportation process. Make sure you do not lose any pieces of your furniture though, which is a real threat if you are going to store a lot of things in one unit. Always keep them together with bands and tape to avoid losing them. A good idea also is to cover the floor before placing your furniture on pallets or boards to protect against dampness. Keep in mind that furniture with drawers can be easily utilized if you need additional space. Cover lounges and mattresses with plastic covers to protect them.

3. Electrical goods – Defrost your fridge and clean it before putting it into storage. Ideally this should be done 24 hours before storing. Cover your plasma screen, DVD player and any other electrical devices with bubble wrap to protect them. Use your empty luggage bags to store CDs and DVDs.  

4. Metal – if you store items such as bikes, tools, and metal tables you will want to make sure they are safe against rust. The way to prevent them is to wipe them with machine oil.

Following the abovementioned guidelines can guarantee a successful storage unit organization and leave you with peace of mind when storing your goods.

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