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Need Self Storage in Sydney? Metro Storage Has the Answer!

Follow the simple steps to store with Metro Storage

Easy as 1 2 3 

  1. Pack your items   
  2. Store at Metro Storage  
  3. Lock the storage unit and leave with peace of mind

It sounds simple to store your goods, and yes, it is! People usually have a headache when moving house or preparing to travel overseas. Also, they are not sure how to store their items. All of those scenarios drive people mad resulting in stress and time wasting. You need a secure self storage facility.

“What can you do?”

There are few solutions that you can choose:

  1. Leave the goods at your relatives’ home (This is not a good idea, feel free to read my story below and know why)
  2. Sell your items on Gumtree (I wouldn’t want to waste a few weeks to post and sell my items on Gumtree)
  3. Store your goods at Metro Storage (Safe, secure and reliable).


Let me tell you a story about my friend who moved house a few months ago. He had a 3 bedroom house in the inner west of Sydney. The house was full of furniture and other stuff such as kitchen items, framed pictures and whitegoods. My friend knew that he had a lot of stuff and he did not want to sell his goods, because he wanted to keep them for his new house. His decision had both positive and negative impacts.

The positive part was that he could save thousands of dollars by not selling his goods to buy new furniture. He felt comfortable about keeping and using the items that he treasured.

However, the problem arose because he decided to choose his relative’s house as a storeroom. In fact, his relative’s “storeroom” was literally a tin shed. My friend packed all of his items neatly in the tin shed. It was fine during the sunny days, but, it was horrible during the rainy days. The rain got into the tin shed and his items became wet and damaged. Books were ruined, electrical devices were severely damaged and the couch grew mould. (Mould? Yes, mould!)

He started blaming the weather!!!  Personally, I couldn’t feel sorry for him for making a bad decision. I told him, I thought he should store his items at Metro Storage. He disregarded my recommendation and chose his relative’s tin shed as a storeroom. In his mind, he thought this would save him money. In fact, it was not cost effective at all. He ended up buying new furniture and other goods for his new house costing him thousands of extra dollars. If only he has listened and stored his goods at Metro Storage - safe, secure and reliable storage facilities in Sydney.

Metro Storage Marrickville Facility

Offers from Metro Storage

Customers can redeem these offers when they move-in with Metro Storage

  • 1 MONTH FREE STORAGE as a new customer
  • FREE Use of Ute when you move-in as a new customer
  • FREE Use of Trailer when you move-in as a new customer

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Metro Storage: Features + Benefits

  • Great locations throughout Sydney Metro - for your convenience
  • Secure and clean units – for your peace of mind
  • Your own private lock-up unit – only you hold the key
  • Free access to your goods 7 days a week during the business hours– for your convenience
  • Discounts on prepayments - saves your money
  • Trained professional consultants - help you find the best storage solution

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