Use Metro Secure Storage Sydney to De-clutter - 7 Interior Design Tips

Use Metro Secure Storage in Sydney to De-clutter Your House, Then See These 7 Interior Design Tips

Styling your living space is an opportunity for a fresh start that can bring great satisfaction and joy while creating a wonderful home that celebrates your personal style and lifestyle.

Jacqueline Nelson from BLANCHE ROSE shares with us her top styling tips for transforming your house into a home. With over 15 years as an accomplished stylist and creative director, Jacqueline’s business Blanche Rose offers the following specialised services: professional organiser, lifestyle curator, stylist/designer, business coach.

Read on to learn more about Jacqueline’s seven tips to add style and sophistication to your home whether for your own pleasure or to entice buyers and increase the value when selling.


Consistency and cohesion of style, mood and colour scheme throughout will create harmony. Choose flooring and wall colour first in a fairly neutral tone. Secondly pick your foundation furniture pieces eg lounge, coffee table, dining table, investing in timeless and classic items. Lastly, add the details with objects of colour and texture.

Savvy Editing

Make your space more inviting by decluttering, simplifying and keeping the things you love. You will enjoy your space, feel lighter and brighter with less clutter. Four ways to edit are sell, donate, store or bin. Decluttering your home can be cathartic, therapeutic and totally transformational.

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Set the Tone

Purchase what you love and are instinctively drawn to rather than trends. One or two key pieces eg art, sculpture, mirror, or rug can truly transform a room. When placing these beautiful pieces give them the space to shine. Don’t rush this process if you are unsure wait till you are happy as you will have the key items for some time.

Displaying Pieces

Decorate and place similar objects in a group. Items such as pottery, candles, vases, bottles, bowls, etc placed in groups of three of five (always an odd number) will look very effective. Different sizes and heights of the same object placed together will create interest and harmony.

Luxurious Look

Curtains, throws and cushions in soft sumptuous fabrics can add warmth, comfort and sophistication. A chandelier or pendant with soft, subtle, ambient lighting will engage the senses and create mood in the room. A large mirror or piece of art on the wall will add glamour and act as a focal point and give the room distinction.

Finishing Touches

Fresh flowers totally change the atmosphere of a room. Pot plants are a great option to breathe life into your home. Interesting vases and pots will add charm and character. Choose candles and scents with a fragrance that you love and become your signature scent, adding a stylish statement. A large pile of beautiful books on the coffee table will reveal your interests and hobbies and are a great conversation piece.

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Cherish Your Treasures

Take time and pleasure in caring for your beautiful treasures throughout your home. Whether changing the water daily in the vase of flowers, cleaning your silver candlesticks or hand washing your crystal glasses taking pride in what you own should be savoured, enjoyed and loved.

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