Metro Secure Self Storage Sydney Unit Size Guide - Saves Time & Money

Metro Secure Self Storage Unit Size Guide

Not sure how much space you need for your personal or business storage?

Check the Metro Storage “Unit Size Guide” which will save you time and money.


Metro Storage Locker

Storage locker is perfect for storing backpacks, cartons and other small personal or business items. Do not underestimate its size… Metro Storage locker can fit up to 24 small cartons!

Quarter Garage

Metro Storage Quarter Garage

Quarter Garage can store contents of a studio or a small 1-bedroom apartment. It will easily hold household furniture, white goods and plenty of cartons (bed, lounge, mattress, chairs, dining table, small and large cartons, white goods, sports equipment and other items).

Half Garage

Metro Storage Half Garage

Half Garage will fit the contents of a 2-bedroom house/apartment. This unit size is also popular among businesses storing their office furniture: desks, computers, chairs, printers and other items. Store: multiple beds, dining sets, outdoor furniture, white goods, many cartons, office furniture.

Still unsure which unit size is perfect for your storage needs?

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