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Paying your Account

Your first month’s storage fees are due on the day you move your goods into storage and the following months fees are due monthly on the same day of the month (ie If you moved in on the 15th of the month, your storage fees are due on the 15th of every month).

Clause 5 of the Standard Self-Storage Agreement states the storage fee is due on time, in full and by the due date each month.

Yes, Metro Storage will email you a reminder 10 days before the due date.

You can pay your storage fees by cash, EFTPOS or credit card at the facility, credit card over the phone, direct deposit or online by credit card using on our website.

Alternatively, you can arrange your monthly storage fees to be automatically charged to a credit card. Please contact the office to set this up.

Yes, to pay your storage fees online go to Pay Online and follow the 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the location of the facility where your goods are stored.
  2. Enter your Agreement Number and Customer Code which is Your Unique Code as displayed on your reminder email. eg Agreement Number: 000011111 Customer Code: SSASLAAAA
  3. Enter your credit card details

Your rent is due monthly payable in advance and if the rent is not paid in accordance with the Standard Self-Storage Agreement Metro Storage reserves the right to sell the unit contents as per clauses 3 (d) and 7 (a).

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