For secure car storage in Sydney (Leichhardt, Marrickville), Metro Storage has the ideal solution! We provide the ultimate security for car storage throughout Sydney, including our popular car storage facility near the airport, in Marrickville.

It is obvious that our cars transport us “to and from”- from one destination to another. However, sometimes cars are left at home for many reasons - e.g. when we are travelling interstate or overseas. Many of us don’t have an available indoor car park at home, so we end up leaving the car on the street.


Near my home, there was a car parked on the street for who-knows-how-long! The locals in the area thought it was a stolen car and the thief had left it there for collection in the near future or had just dumped it there. That poor owner! The local residents called the police to report that the car had been parked for an unusual amount of time without being moved.  A few days later, the car was towed away. Again, that poor owner!

Now, that is a scenario that I believe may happen to many people when they leave their car/cars on the street for a long period of time. Wouldn’t it be better to find a secure place to store the vehicle?

Metro Storage has the answer! Yes, Metro Storage facilities have indoor and outdoor car storage.

The following features will give you peace of mind while you are away enjoying your holiday or traveling for work.

  • Secure Car Storage
  • Alarmed Car Storage
  • Metro Storage Marrickville is near the airport – it is conveniently located for you.

Call 1300 STORE IT (1300 78 67 34) or visit our facilities and inspect the extremely secure car storage for yourself: